Floor / Stand / Wall Fan

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Floor / Stand / Wall Fan
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Industrial Stand/ Wall and Exhaust Fan

Industrial Stand Fan / Floor Fan / Wall Fan

Pedestal / Stand Fan

A pedestal fan (oscillating fan) is an electric fan with an adjustable stand that supports it. The metal stand elevates the fan to about two to four feet from the ground. The pillar onto which the fan rotates gives it the name “standing fan.” Some advanced fans have a head connected to the pedestal in a platform that can be angled up or down.

Floor Fan

The name tells it all- floor fans are the fans built for being placed on the ground. In most cases, they are portable and aim at improving ventilation at the floor level. Floor fans do not need any permanent installation as their construction is suited for the floor. The standard floor fan has an oscillation feature that allows it to rotate 180 degrees to provide broad coverage.

Wall Fan
When you need to save space, a wall mount fan frees up your desktop or floor space to make a clever cooling option for any room in your home.

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