Yellow LED Tube

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Yellow LED Tube
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Clean Room Yellow LED / Fluorescent Tube

Densbe Led UV FREE Yellow LED Tube

T8 yellow LED tubes are specially developed for UV-photo
sensible applications to blocks light below 500 nm. With tight
spectrum control, this tubes block all light from 0 to 520 nm for
a completely UV-protected environment without compromising
the illuminance needed to allow people to perform tasks
comfortably, effectively and safely.

• Cleanroom
• PCB electronic semiconductor factory
• Archives, libraries, museums
• Art galleries and boutique shops
• Printing ink print on color inspection
• Food production workshop


• Filters out all wavelengths below 520nm
• Environmental Friendly: No blue light. No UV. No mercury.
• Suitable for dry or damp locations
• High power factory>0.95
• High Color Rendering CRI>80
• Instant start
• No ballast required
• (L70) at 50,000 hours lifetime



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