LED Tube Light Fixtures

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LED Tube Light Fixtures
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LED Light Fitting

LED Tube Light Fixtures

Increased safety lighting fixtures for LEDs tubes are suitable to be installed in hazardous areas where a high degree of protection and resistance against corrosion is required. GRP made and features the ‘Ex de mb’ method of protection. It’s equipped with LED tubes sealed in a transparent resin. The through wiring double ended makes installation on field easier and faster. The transparent cover is clipped into place on both sides of the fixture body ensuring excellent protection against dust and water.


  • Body: Black shock and UV resistant fibreglass reinforced anti-static polyester resin
  • Diffuser: Transparent polycarbonate, shock and UV resistant
  • Protected opening system: Sliding system operated by a hexagonal-head tool (for safety reasons, the fixture can not be opened without the tool)
  • Gasket: Acid/hydrocarbon resistant expanded silicone
  • Reclining frame: Aluminium and stainless steel Inner fixed frame: Extruded aluminium
  • Bolts and screws: Stainless steel
  • Entries: 4 x Ø25.5 entries (suitable for ISO M25x1.5 threads). Lighting fixture kit contains 3 model PLG2ILXE7 plugs and 2 model UNI2LXE7DS cable glands for non-armoured cable
  • Mounting: Nickel plated brass inserts with 2 x M8 holes