Light Fixture

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Light Fixture
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LED Light Fitting

Light Fixture

Features multichip LED formed by a matrix of LEDs connected together and covered with a layer of diffused phosphorus. 

This technology allows to obtain high values of lumen output and installation without the risk of disturbing the operator. 

Alternative for all those areas in which it was usual to use lighting fixtures with discharge lamps of low and medium power up to 400W.


  • Body: Low copper content aluminium alloy fitted with cooling fins for better heat dissipation
  • Glass face: Shock and temperature resistant tempered glass sealed with aluminium ring
  • Gaskets: Acid, hydrocarbon and high temperature resistant silicone
  • Supporting bracket: Stainless steel 316L
  • Bolts and screws: Stainless steel
  • Entries: 2 x ISO M20 entries. Fixture kit with PLG1IB plug and NAV20SIB cable gland
  • Coating: Polyester coating Ral 7035 (Light grey) : The STANDARD of the aluminium alloy used by Cortem has passed the